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Measles Outbreak

Since the survey we shared about gaps in people’s vaccination records, there have been outbreaks of measles in South East … Continue Reading »

Gaming Addiction Officially Recognised

The World Health Organisation will soon recognise gaming addiction as a mental health condition. A lot of places already recognise … Continue Reading »

How Smoking Harms Pets

We already know that second-hand smoke can be harmful to the people around us, but sometimes we forget about our … Continue Reading »

There’s a Needle on the Floor!

Nobody wants to step on a needle. They can make you bleed and carry infection. Like most litter it will … Continue Reading »

Trick or Treat?

Mustard in your muffin! Toothpaste in your Oreo!? Snacks on Halloween might be delicious… but sometimes people like the trick more … Continue Reading »

Spotting Fake Vodka

Fake vodka can be a dangerous beast, just ask the residents of Boston, Lincolnshire. Apart from being explosive, the ultra-high … Continue Reading »

Snap Map: Awesome or Terrifying?

Today I sailed a yacht across the Great Barrier Reef, skydived in Alaska, then watched a kitten fall off a … Continue Reading »

Let’s Talk About Spice

It’s spreading. But we still don’t really know much about it. What is Spice? A synthetic cannabinoid – a group … Continue Reading »

Drinking: How not to be an idiot

When it comes to drinking there are two kinds of people: those who are familiar with alcohol – they know … Continue Reading »

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