It is important to record discarded needle information. If you see a discarded needle, note the location as accurately as possible (i.e. outside house number 20 on Easy Street) and the number of needles found. If you have a camera phone then take a photograph. Then send the information to Ben Davies ( You should also phone Cardiff Council on 029 2087 2087 or Vale Council on 01446 700111 to have the needles removed.

Please do no touch any drug paraphernalia.

If you get a needle stick injury follow the four simple steps below;

  1. Encourage bleeding by gently squeezing the area – Do not suck.
  2. Wash effected area with soap and running water – Do not scrub the area.
  3. Cover area with waterproof dressing.
  4. Attend the Emergency Unit as soon as possible.

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