Nobody wants to step on a needle. They can make you bleed and carry infection.

Like most litter it will make a mess until someone takes action and cleans it up.

Unlike most litter: touching needles is dangerous. It’s important to get them cleaned up before somebody gets hurt, but you shouldn’t pick them up yourself.

What do I do if I find a needle on the floor?


2. Write down the location as accurately as possible (i.e. outside house number 20 on Easy Street) and the number of needles found. If you have a camera phone then take a photograph.

3. Tell us! There are a few different ways to do this:


Eek! I accidentally touched it!

Okay, don’t panic. You’ll be okay, but it’s important you get the injury (even if it’s tiny) checked by a doctor or nurse.

Follow the four simple steps below:

1. Encourage bleeding by gently squeezing the area – do not suck.

2. Wash effected area with soap and running water – do not scrub the area.

3. Cover area with waterproof dressing.

4. Tell an adult. It is recommended you see a doctor or nurse as soon as possible.

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