We really love infographics because they make statistics and research more relateable and ‘real’ for us to engage with. Cardiff Youth Council have a great one which depicts what young people actually think about their PSE lessons in school. Check it out here: http://cardiffyouthcouncil.com/2015/10/04/curriculum-for-life/ 

Infographic General

This is something that the Switched On team help out with where we can, we’ve even developed a toolkit for both Primary and Secondary settings so that your teachers can get you in the know about real life things in a really simple but interactive way.

We want you all to be aware of the right facts and information regarding any use of substances. We also want to make sure you stay safe and are aware of the consequences of your own actions.

You are all entitled to be better able to make more informed decision about the behaviours which you might choose to engage in throughout your life. You then get to take responsibility for them all too!!