You’ve got the cobwebs, the pumpkin, and the creepy cakes… but what really makes a Halloween party is the fiendish drinks.

We’ve come up with one that’s sure to have guests rolling in their graves! Give it a go and let us know what you think in the comments below.

The Grenadine Gremlin

You will need:grenadinegremlin_1

  • Half a fresh lime
  • A teaspoon of demon dust (brown sugar)
  • Eyeballs (blueberries)
  • Diced rat hearts (sliced strawberries)
  • Blood (grenadine)
  • A spooky-looking fruit juice (we used cranberry & blueberry juice)
  • Lemonade (or tonic water)


It’s easy to make:

  • Scoop in some eyeballs and diced rat hearts
  • Mix in the spooky juice


Make it fizz:

  • A good splash of lemonade
  • Squeeze the lime
  • Sprinkle in the demon dust


Now stir and add the blood, making sure to dribble some around the edge for extra effect.

Happy Halloween!

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