How do I feel about drugs?

I feel that applied to the right frame of mind, mind-altering substances can accentuate positive thought processes.

A bad experience I had with marijuana involved being too stoned during a family Christmas meal, where I was worried I was eating too fast, and would slow down my eating, but then I feel like I was eating too slowly, at the time I felt worried. Social pressures can be quite overwhelming.

On the other hand, it depends on your frame of mind, as I love to dance when I go out and have learned to not care and just enjoy myself. I enjoy dancing and I enjoy it more when I am under the influence of marijuana. I don’t become self conscious in many situations any more and I feel that I understand the world better as I have had a broader perspective. It depends on how it is used.

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This was written by a young person in Cardiff. The views expressed in it are their own and not those of Red-Button.