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2 Responses to ecstasy

  1. i used to use ecstasy when i was university. i have also taken cocaine in the past. i have not taken any drug for 8 months now. although when i go out drinking i still gurn. would you have any advice on how to stop myself gurning of alcohol? thankyou

    • Facial nerves are stimulated by serotonin and noradrenaline and some people use this as an explanation of why ‘gurning’/jaw clenching happens. We don’t even know if this is true, so it’s hard to explain why people ‘gurn’ / jaw clench if we don’t know why people gurn in the first place!

      We had a client a while back who discussed extreme facial gurning / jaw clenching, he stated he would take 500-1000mg of magnesium before going out to help ease the effects of the gurning especially when drinking alcohol. Magnesium does have side effects of loose bowel movements so maybe worth starting on a lower dose if you want to try this – however we have not been able to prove that magnesium works to alleviate facial gurning or find an explanation as to why some people gurn more than others.

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