As a student, alcohol and getting drunk is a major part of the week. As drinks are much more expensive in bars and clubs, we try to drink as much as possible before leaving the house, and this usually ends in the taxis arriving and a mad panic of everyone downing whatever they can find as quickly as they can. However as a couple of my housemates are the stingiest people around, they prefer to save the £1 each it takes to share a taxi in and cycle instead.


They usually try and race the taxi, so with no lights and no helmets this is clearly really dangerous! Touch wood they’ve never had an accident but even they the next day admit that it’s a really stupid thing to do, especially as they don’t even remember that journey the next day! I also remind them it’s a criminal offence for which you could be fined up to £2500 – that’s a pretty big chunk of student loan.

One of my mates decided to cycle home after a few hours at the pub watching the rugby. He was shouting across to someone on the other side of the road and hadn’t noticed the car in front of him slowing down – he crashed into it and fell off his bike, luckily he was fine but the driver of the car went mental at him and when he could see that he’d clearly had a few drinks, threatened to phone the police… My mate had to pay for the dent in his bumper but thought he’d got off easy!

Although drink driving is now completely frowned upon, the stigma isn’t there with drunk cycling. It can be dangerous at the best of times without adding alcohol into the mix! I know it’s a cheap and quick way of getting somewhere but if you wouldn’t get behind the wheel then don’t make an equally as stupid and dangerous decision and get on your bike!

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This was written by a young person in Cardiff. The views expressed in it are their own.