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Drugs are the Devil’s poison.

About a year ago, I received the most life-changing thing on this planet, a beautiful little baby. Soon after she was born, I was diagnosed with a mental disability and lost my home and my child.

Soon after that happened I turned to all sorts of drugs including coke, weed and injecting myself with lethal concoctions of drugs. Because of these stupid things I did to myself I ended up in rehabilitation.

My health deteriorated over a number of weeks and months, and I hurt a lot of close people to me such as family and friends. I am now on medication for blood clots and breathing difficulties.

I would like you all who are reading this to take this as a warning on what mental health and drugs can do to you and people who love you. Please, learn from someone who has been through this – me – it will ruin your life and career if you have one lined up.

I may have done damage to myself but after being clean for over five months, I am now in contact with my beautiful daughter who is now turning one and am happily engaged, This is helping me become the boy I used to be.

Please do not make the same mistakes as I did by resorting to drugs and drink.

If you feel as if you are slipping into the Devil’s dirty habit, there are several organisations for mental health and drugs; they are there to help you.

Thank you for reading.

Take care.

Alter Bridge 1234.

This story was donated by NitroTorfain.co.uk. To share your personal story email post@red-button.org. This was written by a young person in Torfain. The views expressed in it are their own and not those of Red-Button.

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3 Responses to Drugs And Mental Health

  1. lilylynda says:

    very useful article which impacted on me as a human, mother, teacher so thank you for writing it, I’m sad about the events that lead up to it but will share article with pupils