Cardiff and Vale Health Board need your help!

Most people first get vaccinated as a child, but in the months following your 13th birthday you should be offered additional immunisations which can help you stay healthy and protect you from a number of diseases, but in Cardiff and Vale some teenagers aren’t having these immunisations.

Immunisations (sometimes called ‘vaccinations’, ‘jabs’ or ‘shots’) are a really important part of keeping you, your family and friends healthy and protected from disease.

We would really appreciate you taking some time to complete the survey and help us improve immunisation services for teenagers in Cardiff and the Vale.

It’s just 9 quick questions. We want you hear your opinions and experiences of immunisations.

The survey is anonymous which means no one will know who answered the questions and all the answers will go towards helping make a better service for young people.

Click here to take the short survey

If that doesn’t work, you can also copy this URL into your browser:

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