Let’s Talk About Spice

It’s spreading. But we still don’t really know much about it. What is Spice? A synthetic cannabinoid – a group … Continue Reading »

Drinking: How not to be an idiot

When it comes to drinking there are two kinds of people: those who are familiar with alcohol – they know … Continue Reading »

Halloween Party: Grenadine Gremlin

You’ve got the cobwebs, the pumpkin, and the creepy cakes… but what really makes a Halloween party is the fiendish drinks. … Continue Reading »

The 4 Traits that put Children at Risk of Addiction

Past research has suggested that drug prevention and education programs that focus upon scare tactics and ‘just say no’ messages … Continue Reading »

Roll Up Roll Up Get Your Mocktail Recipes Here!!

Mocktail Recipes Switched On have been out and about at Cardiff & Vale College Campuses fresher’s events this week. Been … Continue Reading »

It Only Takes One

For some the night started out like any other. Then someone said something they shouldn’t have. Someone looked at someone … Continue Reading »

It Only Takes One: 1am – 5am

This is the final part of a series on how to stay safe in town. Or rather how to enjoy yourself … Continue Reading »

It Only Takes One: 9pm – 1am

This is part two of a three part series on how to stay safe in town. Or rather how to … Continue Reading »

It Only Takes One: 5pm – 9pm

This is part one of a three part series on how to stay safe in town. Or rather how to … Continue Reading »

Alcohol Drinking and the Teenage Brain

Drinking during your teenage may be causing damage to your verbal learning and memory performance in adult life. We know … Continue Reading »

Diverse Communities Job Opportunity

NewLink Wales have a new job opportunity which we’d love for you all to know about. It’s with the Switched … Continue Reading »

Challenging the Negative Media Reporting of LGBT Communities

This guide has been made so that you can take action against something you’ve read in a newspaper, seen on … Continue Reading »

Personal Stories

My Lifetime Hangover

Warning: some readers might find some or all of this content distressing. By anonymous Alcohol: something, they say, that can make … Continue Reading »

A Tale of Legal Highs

By Cosmo I’ve never really written an article on drugs before. I’d like to start off by saying that I’m … Continue Reading »

Clubbing Conundrums

A wise man once told me that the purpose of Fresher’s week was to “get drunk, get laid and get … Continue Reading »

Meditations on Violence

Street violence is an ongoing problem in society. It can affect anyone regardless of age, race, gender, status or where … Continue Reading »

Personal story

UP2U Having received support from Up2U, here is one young person’s personal story…. “Before coming to Up2U I thought cutting down … Continue Reading »

UP2U interview

  Up2U –  Substance Misuse Service for 18s and under in Cardiff and the Vale. Interview with a fourteen year old … Continue Reading »

Drinking and Cycling Don’t Mix!

As a student, alcohol and getting drunk is a major part of the week. As drinks are much more expensive … Continue Reading »

Drugs And Mental Health

Drugs are the Devil’s poison. About a year ago, I received the most life-changing thing on this planet, a beautiful … Continue Reading »

Fresh Out of Rehab: Interview

I recently conducted an interview with a very good friend of mine who has been battling her drug addiction demons … Continue Reading »

Drugs: How Do I Feel About Them?

How do I feel about drugs? I feel that applied to the right frame of mind, mind-altering substances can accentuate … Continue Reading »

A Crazy Night

Right, it was a pretty normal Saturday night for me. Back then I was about 15. I’d caught a bus … Continue Reading »

Hiding In The Bottle

Basically, my life sucks! I’m suffering from two heartbreaks and hardly any of my friends actually realise how much it’s … Continue Reading »

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