Nitrous Oxide aka “Hippy Crack”


Nitrous oxide is legal to possess. It is routinely used to make whipped cream, and as a painkiller in dental surgery and childbirth. It is illegal to sell it to people below the age of 18 if the seller believes … Continue Reading »

Social Media Addiction : Some Advice!


Here are some common things we hear about everyday from the young people and professionals we work with, as well as from our colleagues, friends and family members too. Any of the following ‘problems’ apply to you and your relationship … Continue Reading »

This Is How Alcohol Really Affects Sleep


It’s a common misconception that a nightcap before bed will improve your sleep. In reality, while alcohol may help you to nod off initially, drinking before you head to bed can have a detrimental effect on your overall quality of … Continue Reading »

Personal Stories

Personal story


UP2U Having received support from Up2U, here is one young person’s personal story…. “Before coming to Up2U I thought cutting down my drinking would be horrible but now I feel so relieved that I can control my drinking. I have leftover … Continue Reading »

UP2U interview


  Up2U –  Substance Misuse Service for 18s and under in Cardiff and the Vale. Interview with a fourteen year old female, living in the Vale of Glamorgan When did you start using? I started using cannabis when I was age … Continue Reading »

Drinking and Cycling Don’t Mix!


As a student, alcohol and getting drunk is a major part of the week. As drinks are much more expensive in bars and clubs, we try to drink as much as possible before leaving the house, and this usually ends … Continue Reading »

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