Drinking: How not to be an idiot

Drunk young woman resting head on bar counter

When it comes to drinking there are two kinds of people: those who are familiar with alcohol – they know … Continue Reading »

Halloween Party: Grenadine Gremlin

Grenadine Gremlin

You’ve got the cobwebs, the pumpkin, and the creepy cakes… but what really makes a Halloween party is the fiendish drinks. … Continue Reading »

The 4 Traits that put Children at Risk of Addiction

Children and Traits

Past research has suggested that drug prevention and education programs that focus upon scare tactics and ‘just say no’ messages … Continue Reading »

Roll Up Roll Up Get Your Mocktail Recipes Here!!


Mocktail Recipes Switched On have been out and about at Cardiff & Vale College Campuses fresher’s events this week. Been … Continue Reading »

It Only Takes One


For some the night started out like any other. Then someone said something they shouldn’t have. Someone looked at someone … Continue Reading »

It Only Takes One: 1am – 5am


This is the final part of a series on how to stay safe in town. Or rather how to enjoy yourself … Continue Reading »

It Only Takes One: 9pm – 1am


This is part two of a three part series on how to stay safe in town. Or rather how to … Continue Reading »

It Only Takes One: 5pm – 9pm


This is part one of a three part series on how to stay safe in town. Or rather how to … Continue Reading »

Alcohol Drinking and the Teenage Brain

Brain Under Construction

Drinking during your teenage may be causing damage to your verbal learning and memory performance in adult life. We know … Continue Reading »

Diverse Communities Job Opportunity

Job Advert

NewLink Wales have a new job opportunity which we’d love for you all to know about. It’s with the Switched … Continue Reading »

Challenging the Negative Media Reporting of LGBT Communities


This guide has been made so that you can take action against something you’ve read in a newspaper, seen on … Continue Reading »

Grounding Technique

Grounding 6 Steps

Ever had an anxiety attack? They are quite common and most of us end up panicking more because we don’t … Continue Reading »

Personal Stories

My Lifetime Hangover


Warning: some readers might find some or all of this content distressing. By anonymous Alcohol: something, they say, that can make … Continue Reading »

A Tale of Legal Highs


By Cosmo I’ve never really written an article on drugs before. I’d like to start off by saying that I’m … Continue Reading »

Clubbing Conundrums


A wise man once told me that the purpose of Fresher’s week was to “get drunk, get laid and get … Continue Reading »

Meditations on Violence


Street violence is an ongoing problem in society. It can affect anyone regardless of age, race, gender, status or where … Continue Reading »

Personal story


UP2U Having received support from Up2U, here is one young person’s personal story…. “Before coming to Up2U I thought cutting down … Continue Reading »

UP2U interview


  Up2U –  Substance Misuse Service for 18s and under in Cardiff and the Vale. Interview with a fourteen year old … Continue Reading »

Drinking and Cycling Don’t Mix!


As a student, alcohol and getting drunk is a major part of the week. As drinks are much more expensive … Continue Reading »

Drugs And Mental Health


Drugs are the Devil’s poison. About a year ago, I received the most life-changing thing on this planet, a beautiful … Continue Reading »

Fresh Out of Rehab: Interview

Cannabis and tabacco

I recently conducted an interview with a very good friend of mine who has been battling her drug addiction demons … Continue Reading »

Drugs: How Do I Feel About Them?

How do I feel about drugs? I feel that applied to the right frame of mind, mind-altering substances can accentuate … Continue Reading »

A Crazy Night


Right, it was a pretty normal Saturday night for me. Back then I was about 15. I’d caught a bus … Continue Reading »

Hiding In The Bottle

Basically, my life sucks! I’m suffering from two heartbreaks and hardly any of my friends actually realise how much it’s … Continue Reading »

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